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What is Hiding in Your Food That is Causing Your Pain

The Food Sensitivity Elimination Plan is going to help uncover hidden food sensitivities.

These are foods that you will want to continue to exclude from your diet at least for a period of time.

You are probably looking at food differently these days.

Now you are aware of the many artificial ingredients that are in processed food and you have been avoiding them, choosing whole food whenever possible.

We can protect ourselves from disease and illness by eating freshly prepared whole foods and staying away from processed foods.When we start to buy processed foods then we need to be careful about ingredients. You know the rule, no artificial anything! If you can’t pronounce the ingredient, it was probably cooked up in a lab.

MSG (mono sodium glutamate) is one artificial ingredient that is hiding in many processed foods and restaurant foods.

It is a fine white powder that fools the brain into thinking something tastes better than it actually does. Glutamate is called an excitotoxin because it kills brain cells by exciting them to death.

Unless you purchase whole foods and prepare the food at home, you are likely eating MSG or other toxic glutamates.

How to Make a Lab Rat Obese

Scientists feed MSG to lab mice to make them obese for studies. Animals fed MSG prefer high carbohydrate foods, eat less but gain fat. Humans are five times more sensitive to MSG than lab mice!

Eating MSG has been shown to cause insulin resistance, causing type II diabetes, abnormal cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and high blood pressure.


MSG can cause muscle contractions and produce pain as seen in fibromyalgia.

A study by Dr. J.D. Smith found that completely removing MSG and aspartame from the diet of fibromyalgia patients resulted in a reversal of the symptoms.(Russell Blaylock, MD Neurosurgeon and author of Excitotoxins:The Taste That Kills).

Don’t be fooled by the label, “no MSG added.”

Only pure MSG has to appear on the ingredient label (thanks to our government’s label laws), but food manufacturers will use other names to disguise the use of MSG. Please visit for a complete listing of ingredients in which MSG is hidden. Here are a few ingredients that always contain processed free glutamic acid:

  • Free Glutamate, Glutamic Acid
  • Monopotassium glutamate
  • Anything “hydrolyzed”
  • Textured protein, autolyzed plant protein
  • Autolyzed yeast, yeast extract, Torula yeast
  • Calcium caseinate or sodium caseinate
  • Soy protein isolate, vegetable protein isolate
  • Soy sauce
  • Natural flavors, artificial flavors, spice
  • Anything “protein fortified”
  • Gelatin
  • Carageenan
  • Anything containing ‘enzymes’

MSG is one very good reason to stop eating processed food!

Continue to eat whole foods – fresh foods without any additives.

Keep your intake of fruits and vegetables high since these foods have natural antioxidants to increase your body’s defenses.

If you would like to learn how to do a Food Sensitivity Elimination Diet, please ask to be added to Whole Healthy Journey.



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