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Nasal Irrigation using a Neti Pot to clear nasal passages

A neti pot is a special container used to rinse the nasal cavity. Using this form of nasal irrigation can help alleviate symptoms of nasal allergies, sinus problems or colds. Using a neti pot can remove dust, pollen, mucus, germs or debris from the nasal passageways.

Use a neti pot to relieve symptoms of allergies, sinus, colds and post nasal drip. This will allow you to reduce your dependence on toxic nasal sprays and chemically laden expensive medications.

Benefits of using a porcelain neti pot:

  • Nasal Cleansing: using a porcelain Neti Pot protects and refreshes your nasal passages to ensure better health and natural removal excess dust, mucus, and other environmental irritants from the sinus passages 
  • Immune Support: this Neti Pot enhances sinus and immune support which makes nasal irrigation easy and comfortable. Designed to optimally cleanse the nasal passages 
  • Lead-Free Pot: this porcelain neti pot is used with a nasal wash of high-grade salt and distilled water to clear away pollens, dust and other impurities that lead to conge¬stion and inflammation, or to remove excess mucus 
  • Distinctive Shape: this refillable eco jar is designed to clear away all those trapped pollens and impurities. Using a neti pot alleviates sinus and allergic problems 
  • Sinus Cleanser: relieve symptoms of allergies, sinus, colds and post nasal drip and reduce your dependence on toxic nasal sprays and chemically laden expensive medications

Quick overview

  • Prepare the neti salt and essential oil mixture
  • Prepare the neti solution with warm distilled water
  • Fill the porcelain Neti Pot
  • Use the neti twice daily for 7-10 days or less if symptoms resolve

1. Prepare the Neti Salt and Essential Oil Mixture

Rosemary and Tea Tree essential oils can be used in a saline solution for a very effective nasal irrigation that clears and decongests sinuses. I only use and recommend Young Living essential oils for the neti pot.

Recipe using essential oils in saline

Mix the essential oils thoroughly in the fine salt and keep in a sealed glass container or jar. 

2. Heat distilled water and add salt/essential oils

To use the salt/essential oils – Mix 1/4 tsp of the salt mix into one cup of warm distilled water. Use 1/2 cup of this solution per nostril.

3. Use 1/2 cup of the solution per nostril.

  • For each nasal irrigation session, use between 1⁄4 – 1/2 teaspoon salt mix in an average sized neti pot.
  • If the water stings, it means you have either too little, or too much salt. Too much salt will feel different from too little salt, it will feel more salty.
  • Use 1/2 cup of the prepared solution (above) in one nostril (start with the left nostril). Once all of the water has drained out, fill the pot again and do the other side.
  • See the video to learn all the details.

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