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Are Emulsified MCT Products a Good Choice?

I have been using MCT Oil in my coffee for a long time. It is popular and now processed versions are on the market. Have you heard of EMCT (Emulsified MCT Oil)?

I always emulsify my own MCT by using an immersion blender and mixing 1 Tbs. MCT in my coffee.

It has the most benefits that way.
Here is what you want to know:

  1. Is EMCT as good as MCT?
  2. What are the ingredients in Onnit Emulsified MCT Oil?
  3. How does Onnit achieve the flavors?

You may not like my answer, but I am very snobby about quality fats and “other” ingredients!

EMCT has been suspended in water so that it will dissolve more easily into liquids. It is watered down. Plus, emulsification is expensive, and you will spend three times as much to get a highly inferior product.

They are also upping the Lauric acid portion. I like Lauric Acid, but I get that from Coconut Oil.

Lauric Acid being added to Emulsified MCT

Normally, MCT has almost no Lauric Acid (0.1 g/ Tbs) and lots of beneficial Caprylic acid.

Onnit is putting some good marketing spin on adding Lauric Acid, which is fine and beneficial, but this is not why we take MCT.

Lauric Acid does not bypass the digestive tract and go right to the liver like Caprylic Acid, so it does not give me the energy boost and ketones that I want.

Onnit: I’m not liking the ingredients in the flavored options.

Plus, you are getting cheated on the brain-boosting, metabolism-boosting fat benefits.

1 Tbs of Onnit has only 7g fat vs 13g in plain ol MCT.

Onnit is way low on Caprylic Acid, having only 2.7 grams vs 8.6 grams per Tbs of regular MCT.

You are paying more than two times as much to get HALF the benefits.

Plus you are getting unwanted ingredients and watered down MCT.

Emulsified MCT is expensive – not worth it.

AVOID Onnit unwanted ingredients:


Creamy Vanilla: WATER, Gum Arabic, Flavors (MSG?), Preservative chemicals.

Almond Milk Latte, Creamy Strawberry, have basically the same additives: Flavors of unknown origin, so we assume MSG/chemicals and preservatives.

If you are trying to increase energy and brain benefits and weight loss benefits of MCT and trying to avoid chemicals and preservatives, and trying to get the highest quality for the least amount of money, then Onnit is not it.

Instead, Just Use MCT

For more info check out my post on MCT vs Coconut Oil.

There are several types of fatty acids in coconut oil, but only four strains of MCTs:

  • Caproic acid (C6)
  • Caprylic Acid (C8)
  • Capric Acid (C10)
  • Lauric Acid (C12)

Get Real MCT Here.