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Natural Supplement for Sinus Troubles

Herbal Immune Balance Sinus is specifically designed to provide natural support for sinus health.

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The main active ingredient in this herbal formula is Wild Crafted Butterbur which has been validated in multiple human clinical studies. This supplement contains 100mg wild crafted butterbur extract.

Butterbur is known to calm allergic reactions, lower inflammation, and clear out the respiratory tracts. It is useful for the common cold. It can relieve migraines and reduce asthma symptoms.

This is combined with a Herbal Immunity Support Blend of 8 wild–crafted herbs along with probiotics, enzymes and whole food vitamins and minerals and beta glucans.

Herbal Immune Balance Sinus combines the ancient wisdom of traditionally used herbals with exciting emerging science surrounding whole food ingredients such as the fermented probiotic Saccharomyces boulardii, enzymes, citrus bioflavonoids and Vitamin Code® whole food vitamins and minerals.

“These sinus pills are definitely doing the job! I have drainage issues since I have been using them, and my congestion has completely left! All with no drowsiness or dry throat that I get from other over the counter drugs. Thank you so much!” ~Henry P.

Herbal Immune Balance Sinus Benefits:

• Provides natural support for sinus health
• Contains 100mg wild crafted butterbur extract
• Contains petasins, which support healthy immune function
• Contains eight traditionally used, wild-crafted herbals tested and validated for purity, potency and traceability
Saccharomyces boulardii (5 billion CFU at time of manufacture), a clinically studied and beneficial probiotic organism that supports gut-related immune system function
Sinus Enzyme Blend with significant amounts of bromelain and protease
• Powerful Beta 1,3 and 1,6 D-glucans
• Vitamin Code Vitamins and Minerals—250mg vitamin C and 1,000IU vitamin D3

Herbal Immune Balance Sinus—a whole food dietary supplement that provides natural support for sinus health.

“Great for preventing seasonal sinus infections!I use it every day during the winter and spring months to help prevent sinus infections. Works great!” ~Todd D.

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