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How to Eat Healthy Food While Traveling

Are you planning a road trip or vacation and wondering if you will be able to continue eating your healthy real food way?

Truth: plan ahead and bring food on your trip. You will find almost no real food at the free hotel breakfast. Avoid the blood-sugar-spiking juice and the processed food carb-fest.

Take the piece of real fruit and eat your own fat and protein.

Bring a small cooler with easy protein, fat: hard boiled eggs, lettuce wraps, leftover burger, chicken, avocado. I bring a bowl of prepared tuna salad or egg salad and grass fed beef sticks.

If your hotel doesn’t have a mini frig, keep your cooler food cold by adding the hotel ice.

Q: What real food do you pack for a road trip?

“I find out ahead of time if the places we are going to have real food. Within the next few months, my husband and I are going on a Disney cruise. I researched the food on the cruise a long time ago. They will have a lot of fresh fruits and veggies that I don’t normally eat at home and look forward to trying.” SGM

“Just did some traveling. Meat sticks, hard boiled eggs, tuna/chicken salad, cheese, avocados, roll ups, cracklins, cooked bacon slices, and I even take my own real butter.” SH

“Going on a trip Thursday. I got cooked bacon, olives, carrots, turkey slices, homemade beef jerky, dairy free yogurt.” LD

“All that and you can stop at a grocery store, farmer’s market or roadside stand to replenish your veggies and whole healthy foods.” KC

“Lots of good ideas (above). I’ll add that I take my real salt with me and grass fed butter in the cooler.” MF

Travel Convenience

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