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Will Fat Bombs Make You Fat?


Question about fat bombs.
Are these to be used sparingly or when you feel hungry between meals on a consistent basis?
Can they make you gain weight?
It seems odd to me that we can eat these when you need to.
Whole Healthy Journey Fat Bombs


FIRST: Eat real food until you are full!
The first priority is to eat full meals, three times a day:
Adequate Protein – maybe 3-4 oz
Plenty of fat – add 1 Tbs of fat, and/or avocado/olives/nuts
Loads of veggies.
SO, if you need a little something after the meal, grab a small fat bomb.
A fat bomb, is a big serving of fat in a small, enjoyable treat (usually coconut oil + raw cacao + stevia, but other things can be mixed in like shredded coconut, nut butter).
If you feel like you need a little more fat in your diet/meal, have a fat bomb.
If you are between meals and hungry, it usually means you didn’t eat a quality meal previously.
Evaluate your meal. Did you eat adequate PFV?
If you want a fat bomb between meals, have it. If you are CRAVING sweets, this may be a sign that you are not eating enough real food protein/fat or eating too many starchy carbs.

Instead of FAT BOMBS you could also have something with more nutrients and fat:

    • Veggies and guac
    • 1/2 apple and almond butter
    • PaleoValley Beef stick
    • A handful of olives and veggies
    • A cup of chili
  • A cup of tuna or egg salad with veggies
Eating too many fat bombs in one day can add up, but for most people the fat content is so high that ONE is very satiating.


Leptin is a hunger hormone.
When it is working right (Leptin Sensitive),
It tells your brain that you are full when there is adequate fat in your diet, and it is time to burn the fat.
When you have enough fat, leptin tells the brain, we are satisfied, stop eating.
Leptin’s job is to regulate what you eat, how you metabolize and expend energy.
If you are Leptin Resistant,
the signaling in the brain doesn’t work right. Leptin Resistance can follow low-cal dieting, stress, sleep problems, and overeating.
If you are lean,
eating fat bombs is not a problem.
Your body knows how to utilize the fuel. You are leptin resistant, so when you consume all the fat, your metabolism responds by ramping up and burning the extra calories.
If you are really overweight or obese,
watch the fat bombs.
It has nothing to do with calories and everything to do with being Leptin Resistant.

For a person who is leptin resistant, fat bombs can slow down weight loss.

Keep it to one after a meal and focus on eating high quality meals.
Your body is probably leptin resistant, so your body does not work the same way as a lean person’s body (leptin is the hormone that.

Are you Leptin Resistant?

Look in the mirror – if you are very overweight, then, yes, probably.

How do you fix Leptin Resistance?

Eat according to the plan I have laid out. Low carb, grain-free, eliminate processed foods and eat real food.
Protein. Fat. Vegetables.
PFV at 3 meals.
If you need a snack then mini-PFV works.
Adequate Protein
Natural, high quality fat
Adding in intermittent fasting also helps reset leptin.
If you need help with a real food eating plan and a community to help you, please contact me to see if my group is a fit for you, Whole Healthy Journey.