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Beating arthritis and IBS with REAL food

Patty’s Story

Beating arthritis and IBS with REAL food

About 10 years ago Patty started noticing that she was having aches and pains.

Her doctor diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis and gave her a prescription for Nabumetone, an anti-inflammatory drug.

The pain was somewhat controlled with medication.

Fast forward seven years.

Patty began to have digestive symptoms and blood in the stool.

She was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and given another medication, Asacol.

Instead of improving, her symptoms worsened over the next three years.

Patty was eating the standard American diet and just diagnosed with IBS, yet her doctor gave her little direction regarding diet. She continued to eat whatever she wanted including pasta, bread, and fried food.

Patty began reading the elimination diet that I was using with my clients and students.

She had always been a bit skeptical of “dietary cures” but she gave it some thought. It was intriguing to think that in a few weeks she might uncover food sensitivities that were contributing to her condition. The more she read about eating whole food instead of processed food the more the plan made sense.

Before Patty started the elimination diet she started adding quality foods into her diet like organic produce, olive oil, herbs and spices, meat, fish, poultry and eggs. She then began following the elimination diet plan, eliminating foods that were likely causing inflammation and reactions.

Within two weeks Patty reported that she was following the plan 100% and was feeling much better.

She had also lost 6 pounds. Three months later Patty is completely off all medication. “I hardly ever feel arthritis pain nor do I have any more IBS symptoms. Thank you so much for introducing me to this amazing new way of eating. I have lost 12 pounds and feel great!”

I believe that there are many natural approaches to these diseases and other chronic conditions. Often the answer is going to come from eliminating inflammatory foods and adding more healing foods! All drugs have side effects. Even over-the-counter meds like aspirin have side effects.

When I checked Nabumetone, the arthritis drug Patty was on for 10 years, it was not surprising to learn that the side effects of this drug included constipation, diarrhea, gas and nausea and that she eventually had digestive problems.

Would you like to see if hidden food sensitivities are contributing to your health concerns?

What can REAL food do for you?


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