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Success Stories

Have you been frustrated with feeling sick and tired and not getting any answers?

Maybe it is time to try a new approach. That’s what Kathy did, and it turned her 10-year health battle around. Here is the story that Kathy shared with me recently. 

“I was gaining weight uncontrollably. I had sores all over my arms, sinus infections, wheezing from uncontrolled asthma, kidney stones, arthritic pain, brain fog, and severe pain and edema in my feet and ankles. My hormones felt completely out of balance. I could not sleep, yet I felt fatigued all day long and battled anxiety and depression. 

“My friend Lonna introduced me to Erin because I was sick—really sick—and tired and frustrated. Doctors told me there was nothing wrong with me, but my symptoms were mounting. 

“The education that Erin provided me was life changing. I learned that certain foods I was eating were causing many of my symptoms and allergies (even though doctors tested me and said I did not have any food allergies).

“Erin introduced me to REAL food, meaning unprocessed, whole foods with one ingredient. Initially I removed gluten from my diet. While this relieved many symptoms it was not until I removed all grains and dairy and stopped eating processed foods that I felt significant improvement in all areas of my health. I no longer need multiple medications for asthma. No more allergy shots, pills, nasal sprays, or asthma inhalers. I no longer need Ibuprofen to deal with swelling and pain. 

“By testing my saliva hormones, we learned that my adrenal glands were suffering and contributing to my fatigue and hormonal imbalance. Erin put together a protocol for me that included lifestyle changes, supplements and bioidentical progesterone (Progessence Plus).

“For ten years, I felt like I lost my ability to enjoy life fully, but now all that has changed.”

“I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and Erin helped me find the way out. Following her suggestions regarding diet, supplements and lifestyle changes saved me from feeling like death. I want people to understand the power of this way of eating. If you are feeling miserable and not getting the answers you are seeking from your doctors, why not give this plan a try?” — Kathy K.

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