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Skipping Breakfast?

Interesting article from Sarah Pope:

Any breakfast skippers out there?

MCT or Butter-coffee is great in the morning, but eat first!

You just might have better moods and sleep better!

It has to do with getting tryptophan in the morning from quality pasture-raised meat and eggs, wild caught fish, free range poultry.

You will “feel happy, calm and self-confident even under stress.”

Tryptophan from our quality meat and eggs turns into 5HTP and then Serotonin – the happy brain chemical.

Getting these amino acids from food can help with weight loss, reducing cravings, and increasing metabolism.

Getting tryptophan from food produces better outcomes (better moods, less anxiety) than supplementation.

Eat real food, three meals a day from quality Protein, healthy Fat and lots of fresh vegetables. PFV!

Collagen doesn’t have tryptophan, so a smoothie with collagen should be had along with other protein like grassfed meat or free range eggs (I had a few slices of grassfed liver sausage with mayo this morning). ..

Adding Hawaiian Spirulina to your smoothie will give a little tryptophan. Brand matters, get spirulina from Hawaii and avoid heavy metal contamination.

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