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Cholesterol Drugs Serious Side Effects

The Government is Very Busy …

The government is busy raiding food companies and threatening seizure or injunction for claiming that food is healthy – for example Blue Diamond Walnuts.

The government is handcuffing and arresting farmers for selling cheese and raiding real food co-ops because of real milk.

Yet they do not seize $29 billion worth of cholesterol-lowering statin drugs that are harming people every day. These statins are sold to 20+ million people every year.

“Millions of people have been sold that the (statin) drugs are necessary when, in fact,
they likely are doing more harm than good.
” -Dr. Ryan E Bentley

Statins are known to cause the following health problems:

  • ED, lower testosterone, decreased libido
  • anxiety, aggression and depression
  • muscle weakness and pain which can escalate to debilitating and even life-threatening damage
  • Chronic peripheral neuropathy
  • Cellular mutations, cancer
  • Gout

Travis Raiborn blames Zocor for severe muscle problems that nearly killed him.

Today, he can’t function normally and battles constant pain. After taking statin drugs Raiborn says,

“I look like a freak ’cause, to me, I’m shriveled up compared to who I was.”

Many more people started taking statins when the NIH revised cholesterol standards to include more “customers”.

CBS reported that NIH experts had financial ties to statin drug companies.

Dr. Bryan Brewer headed the team responsible for making the recommendations for who should take statins.

These new guidelines tripled the target customers from 13 million users to 36 million eligible users. This is the secret to the 500 billion dollar pharmaceutical industry:

Get healthy people to buy drugs they don’t need to cure diseases they don’t have.

Duane Graveline MD MPH, Former USAF Flight Surgeon, Former NASA Astronaut, Retired Family Doctor has written a book detailing the damages caused to him by statin drugs:

  • transient global amnesia
  • impaired cognition
  • personality change
  • myopathy
  • neuropathy
  • chronic neuromuscular degeneration similar to ALS

Your cholesterol is not high because you are deficient in Lipitor.

God has not been sitting in heaven all these years waiting for the pharmaceutical industry to solve the problem of “high” cholesterol. Your high cholesterol may be a message from your body that you need to fix something. Cholesterol is like a waxy bandage that the body uses to repair damage.

We need cholesterol for a number of reasons including healthy cells, adequate hormones, making Vitamin D and proper brain function.

There are 29 Billion Reason$ why statin drugs are being pushed on you.

Under the revised guidelines diabetics are encouraged to take statins even when their cholesterol numbers are normal.

Here’s what you can do to lower your cholesterol if it is too high:

  1. Stop eating refined and processed food including foods made with flour, sugar and artificial ingredients. It’s the grains, sugar and processed oils that are the problem (not the healthy fat, beef and eggs).
  2. Start eating whole foods including vegetables and quality animal protein. Put your money into grass-fed, pasture-raised meats, chickens, eggs. Eat wild-caught fish. Go to your farmers market and buy real eggs and eat a few eggs every day.
  3. Stop eating industrially processed oils like corn oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, and canola oil. Start using real organic butter, unrefined coconut oil, olive oil, and macadamia nut oil.

Whatever you do, don’t follow the advice of the government. 

In the pdf, “Lowering Your Cholesterol with TLC” The government recommends:

  • eating 6 or more servings of bread, grains and cereal, pasta, rice, potatoes, low-fat crackers
  • eating fake food like egg substitutes, jello, low fat ice cream, soft or liquid margarines, angel food cake, low-fat cookies
  • eating low fat candy (!) like hard candy, gumdrops, jelly beans, and candy corn. 

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