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How to Freeze Avocados

If you bought avocados on sale and now they are ripe, you can make guacamole and you can freeze them for future Green Smoothies.

tomato avocado bacon 4



Peel when ripe.

Remove the pit.






Freeze in Glass

I like to store food in glass when possible to reduce exposure to plastics.

GlassLock is a good brand of glass storage containers.



Freeze in glass with natural parchment paper between layers.





Separate food with natural parchment paper.

Avocado Ice cream

Sometimes Costco sells bags of frozen organic avocado chunks. I have used frozen avocado to make chocolate ice cream. I didn’t write down the recipe but I used frozen avocado chunks, raw cacao, coconut milk and maple syrup.

Here’s a recipe for you to try from Whole New Mom.