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Getting off Coffee?

Looking for a delicious coffee substitute?

dandyblendTry Dandy Blend!

Dandelion root tastes amazing and it is good for your liver too!

Costs pennies per cup.

At first I drank 1/2 coffee with 1/2 Dandy Blend.

Now I like just Dandy Blend and full fat coconut milk, OR I blend in 1 Tbs of Kerrygold Butter – YUM!

You may also like to mix in 1-3 tsp of 100% raw cocoa powder and a little stevia. Delish!

Here’s a comment I received from a student:

“For anyone trying to quit coffee, the Dandy Blend that Erin suggests tastes amazingly like coffee and is VERY good with coconut milk.”

Try taking a 500mg capsule of the amino acid L-Tyrosine in the morning to help break the caffeine addiction and give you a natural energy boost.

Dandy Blend can be found HERE.