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Nattokinase and Pine Bark Extract

A natural way to prevent and break up blood clots and support blood vessel health.

  • Supports healthy blood pressure
  • Promotes healthy circulation
  • Supports healthy blood clotting
  • Promotes heart and blood vessel health

Powerful Combination: Nattokinase and Pine Bark Extract:

  • 182.5 mg nattokinase (most supplements only have 100mg)
  • contains the highest dose combination of nattokinase and a pine bark extract to support heart, blood pressure and blood vessel health by promoting healthy blood flow, circulation and healthy blood clotting.
  • provides 3650 fibrinolytic units (182.5 mg) nattokinase and 300 mg pine bark extract per serving.
  • enhances the production of plasmin and urokinase, two clot-dissolving enzymes. Nattokinase increases tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), a protein that activates plasmin so it can do its job of supporting healthy blood clotting and circulation.

Nattokinase Dissolves Clots

“In some ways,” Milner says, “nattokinase is actually superior to conventional clot-dissolving drugs. Tissue plasminogen activators (tPAs) like the drug urokinase are only effective when taken intravenously and often fail simply because a stroke or heart attack victim’s arteries have hardened beyond the point where they can be treated by any other clot-dissolving agent. Nattokinase, however, can help prevent that hardening with an oral dose of as little as 100 mg a day.”

Dr. Martin Milner

What is Nattokinase and How Does it Work?

Nattokinace enhances the body’s own ability to break down clot-forming fibrin and it dissolves existing blood clots. [source]

  • Natto is a popular traditional Japanese food made from soybeans fermented by Bacillus subtilis var. natto. This food has been safely used for over 1,000 years.
  • Nattokinase is found in natto. Nattokinase is a fibrinolytic enzyme — it breaks apart fibrin proteins that are involved in blood clotting. [source]
  • Nattokinase increases fibrinolysis. Fibrinolysis is a process that prevents blood clots from growing and becoming a health concern.
  • It also decreases the plasma levels of fibrinogen, factor VII, cytokines, and factor VIII. [source]
  • Nattokinase degrades the Spike protein of SARS-CoV-2. [source]

Pine Bark Extract Lowers Inflammation and Protects Blood Vessels from Damage

Pine bark extract (Pinus massoniana) is rich in proanthocyanidins, which are strong quenchers of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Unhealthy levels of ROS are known to damage blood vessels and create unhealthy levels of inflammation.

Pine Bark Extract

Pine bark extract helps protect from damaging free radicals and promote healthy inflammation balance to support heart and blood vessel health. You probably have read about the benefits of making Pine Needle Tea and drinking it daily—some believe that post-vaccine it is best to consume 3 cups of pine needle tea for one year!

Suramin in Pine Needles is Antiviral [source]

  • Pine needles have a compound called Suramin.
  • Suramin prevents attachment of the COVID virus to human cells.
  • It prevents the entry of the virus into the cell.
  • Suramin will aid in the release of the virus from human host cells.
  • Suramin works on the COVID virus capsid proteins and RNA-dependent RNA polymerase, an enzyme that’s essential for the COVID virus to survive. Suramin interferes with pathogens. Some information points to Suramin helping to improve the function of mitochondria—cells become strong. [source][source]

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  • Take one capsule two times a day away from food and supplements or medication.
  • If you have a medical condition, or are taking blood-thinning medications (eg. Warfarin or Levenox), check with your healthcare provider before taking this product.

Testimonies from people using NattoPine

“This is my 2nd bottle—it works great. I have not had any side effect either.
I get blood clots and this works great. I used to use eliquis and it started to make me sick so I had to find something else that works just as good and does not have all those chemicals in it.” -AW

“This was recommended to me by my naturopath oncologist to use to prevent blood clots when I said I wanted to get off blood thinners. No problems at all. Once in morning and once in evening. I feel as though it helps do the same thing as medicine without the toxins.” -STR

“My varicose veins have gotten worse over the last several years, and, since I can’t afford any surgical interventions right now, I was looking for a natural way to particularly help prevent blood clots/dvts from forming. In my research I learned about the circulatory benefits of nattokinase, and then found a recommendation for this NattoPine specifically on a couple of natural health sites. Just finishing up my first bottle, and I believe it is really helping in that my legs are overall less painful and heavy feeling. I’m hoping clot prevention is at work along with these improvements. I have been dosing according to the label directions, but I think I will possibly double that dosage with this next order to see if I can improve even more. So grateful for non-drug options for every area of health!”-RK