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Sleep Problems & Low Energy? Top Solutions.

How to adjust your diet and evening routine to achieve a beautiful night of restful sleep.

HOW TO SLEEP at night and have more ENERGY!

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The best essential oils for a deep restful night’s sleep are already in the starter kit!

Try Lavender, Stress Away, Peace & Calming and Frankincense (all included in the kit: Value $400, for just $165!)

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    • Progessence – if magnesium glycinate and a better diet doesn’t help, women may have a hormonal imbalance. In this case I recommend 4 drops of Progessence applied to the neck before bedtime to help keep your hormones in balance. You will save 24% off retail when you start with the Premium Starter Kit.


    • Neurocalm is a supplement to help support your brain chemicals. NeuroCalm helps with GABA and serotonin.
      Support for the production of calming neurotransmitters is also provided by L-theanine and taurine. Take 1-4 capsules at bedtime, it is very calming.


  • Essential Oils: Lavender, Stress Away, Peace & Calming, Frankincense are included in the starter kit!



Consider STRESS!

Stress might come from the expected sources, but looking at screens in the evening without blue blocker glasses can keep your cortisol too high. Read more about stress here.

Blue light from our screens mimics the sun increasing cortisol and decreasing melatonin.  When cortisol is high, your sleep hormone melatonin is low and you have trouble with sleep.

Get the glasses that allow you to use your screens without interfering with your circadian rhythm, cortisol and melatonin.


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Bedtime Sleep Drink Recipe