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Sprouting 101



Sprouting is the process of soaking, then germinating seeds and beans.

Eating the young seedling sprout provides an abundance of nutrients in the freshest form possible.

Soaking the seed or bean in water releases the natural enzymes and the dormant seed/bean comes to life.

The sprout is a nutrient-dense food, containing vitamins, minerals, fiber, enzymes, easily digestible plant carbohydrates and proteins.

Buy Organic Sprouting Seeds

Sprouting can be lots of fun!

All you need is a glass jar, some seeds or beans, filtered water and a sprouting lids or cheesecloth.

  1. For beginners, buy a bag of organic dried mung beans or other organic sprouting seeds.
  2. Measure out about 1/3 – 1/2 cup and place in a large jar.
  3. Cover seeds with filtered water and soak over night.
  4. The next day drain the water out, rinse, and drain again.
  5. Cover the mouth of the jar with cheese cloth or a sprouting lid and let sit on your counter 2+ days to sprout. Turn the jar on its side for more surface area to grow. Keep out of sun.
  6. Be sure to rinse and drain the jar a few times each day.
  7. If you let them grow too long on the counter, they will begin to sprout another set of leaves.

“Commercial Mung Bean sprouts are grown with chemicals and gasses in huge 500 gallon machines. You will never get your home grown sprouts to look like those you see at a restaurant or supermarket, but you can get some thick roots.” The Sprout People

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