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Should we Drink Water with Meals?

Are you taking acid-lowering drugs?

Do you drink water with meals?

Did you know, it is really better for digestion to NOT drink water with your meal?


Drinking with your meal dilutes stomach acid and digestive enzymes needed to break down foods!

Most people will do well to focus on CHEWING their food more!

This is where digestion begins.

15965384_10153991885620044_6138247907565209759_nIt is not CHEW CHEW swallow!

Chew each bite until it is mush (with saliva and enzymes), then you won’t need to “wash it down” with a glass of water.

I know … I am guilty too, I have a little water at meals, because that is when I take supplements, but we are talking best practice here.

So try it without water or just drink a small amount!

Try it! Maybe it won’t feel like you ate a brick!

Also, add digestive enzymes when you eat a meal (EssentialZyme or EssentialZyme 4)

NOTE!! Acid Lowering Drugs!?

Most people have too little stomach acid.

Too little. Yes, you!

By drinking raw apple cider vinegar 20-30 minutes before each meal, you are helping address this lack of stomach acid.

If you are on acid-lowering medication for longer than a few weeks, you are in a world of hurt and need help getting off the drugs.

God gave you stomach acid for a purpose,
to break down your food and extract minerals from your protein.

If you take a drug to lower stomach acid, you may not be getting your nutrients.

This is a bad situation and can lead to osteoporosis, thin hair/nails, twitches, tense moods and more.

Get help to get off your acid-lower drugs.

When I help people get off acid-lowering drugs, they admit …it was not easy but it was worth it!

Start with the Elimination Diet, outline in my book, The Reclaim Diet.