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Chronic Headaches, Eczema, Brain Fog, Fibromyalgia—Gone!

Ann’s Story

Before I started the elimination diet

I had several chronic conditions including daily headaches for four months that I had seen a chiropractor, acupuncturist, physical therapist and medical doctor for. I was taking pain medication daily. I had been diagnosed with eczema several years ago, and was recently experiencing hives. I was also battling fibromyalgia. I suffered from muscle aches, joint pain, fatigue, “tired” eyes, lack of concentration and brain fog. I’d been on antidepressants for many years.

I started the elimination diet as a last resort.

I had already made an appointment to see a brain surgeon for my headaches, but Erin encouraged me to try this first. I really thought this diet would be a waste of time, but I had nothing to loose. How could food possibly be causing any of my physical symptoms? I was a healthy eater, after all. But I took the plunge and for 3 weeks decided to eliminate all food allergens and eat very pure.

I agreed to follow the plan and I eliminated all food allergens while eating unprocessed foods like animal protein, vegetables, fruit, healthy fat and nuts. I felt pretty lousy on day two and day three, but to my surprise, by day five I felt like a new person.

I had more energy, no more “tired” eyes, joint pain, muscle aches or brain fog. I couldn’t believe how my concentration had improved. I could read something and actually remember it. I was amazed at how my mood had improved. I felt so happy. I have since been able to decrease my antidepressants. My skin issues took about 1 month to subside, but will flare up if I eat something on my sensitivity list. The headaches also took about 1 month to go away, and I very rarely now experience them.

I’ve always been an exerciser, but over the past few years, I’ve experienced so much frustration that I’ve been tempted to stop working out. My joint and muscle pain had made it so difficult to exercise; I wanted to give up. I felt so fatigued and achy after working out.

Since I’ve changed my eating habits, I feel like a new person when I exercise. My muscles actually work like they are supposed to – no joint or muscle pain, and no fatigue afterward. My muscle strength and range of motion has improved a lot.

I could never have imagined what a difference eating the right foods could make in my life.

My quality of life has truly improved since I started eating “real” food and staying away from the food that my body is sensitive to. I’m so thankful to Erin for suggesting this diet to me and helping me so much along the way with encouragement and recipes. —Ann Beatty

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