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PseudoGout, CPPD

Pseudogout, or Calcium pyrophosphate crystal deposition disease (CPPD) is an inflammatory arthritis produced by the deposition of calcium pyrophosphate (CPP) crystals in soft tissue.

The anti-inflammatory diet (real food, paleo, high in antioxidant rich foods and healthy fats) is key but there are some things I would also do for the calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate crystals.


Greatly increase magnesium, (do not use magnesium oxide). I would use an absorbable form of magnesium and avoid supplements that include calcium. Start with 300mg at bedtime then keep increasing the dose, to take twice a day, then 3x a day. Try using a powder like, Magnesium 300 mg Powder, Item #:IN44017.

This product is 300mg per scoop and is mixed into water. You want to take as much magnesium as your bowels will tolerate, and stay at that dose daily as it might take awhile to notice the benefit.

Vitamin K2

The other thing I would add is K2.

K2 is only found in animal foods. It is like the calcium traffic cop, keeping calcium from going the wrong places. Eat foods with K2 like egg yolk, dark meat poultry, but supplement.

I use Vitamin D3 5,000 + K, Item #: M50062. You don’t need supplements with more calcium but your body needs to utilize the calcium better. 
Grassfed beef and grassfed butter and dark chocolate help.


Make sure you hydrate well throughout the day. Consume 3+ quarts of spring water and avoid tap water unless it is filtered and minerals remain (I recommend AquaSana).

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