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Thieves Essential Oil for Mildew Smell

Looking for Non-Toxic Solutions?

Unseen mold can be a problem in any home, even a brand new home.

If  you suspect that you have a problem (ever have a water leak?), then consider using a powerful blend of essential oils called Thieves.

 Thieves Essential Oil Blend from Young Living is a proven winner.


Thieves for mold


Does Bleach Work?

Bleach does not work well for eradication of mold spores.

The bleach appears to work, but the mold can quickly return.

Even the EPA tells consumers to not use bleach any longer for eliminating mold.

Chlorine bleach is not safe either. It is corrosive and irritates the eyes, skin and respiratory tract.

There is a safe, effective, non-toxic product that you can use instead.

Thieves Blend from Young Living Essential Oils.

Unlike bleach, Thieves keeps working even after the diffusing has stopped.

Using essential oils is a safe way to deal with the problem at hand!

What to do

There is a special protocol to use when eliminating the problem with Thieves Essential Oil and Thieves Household Cleaner, which involves a diffuser as well.

The first step is to find the source(s) of the leak and/or moisture and have it repaired.

Next, acquire enough Thieves Essential Oil, Thieves Cleaner and a waterless essential oil diffuser (contact me for a resource).

Only a waterless diffuser is recommend for remediation because it uses a cold-air diffusion process. What this means is that it will allow the diffusing of the Thieves essential oil without altering the effectiveness and without introducing additional moisture into the area. Contact me if you need to get a waterless diffuser. 


How much Thieves Essential Oil is needed.

You might want to start with 1.5 – 2 bottles of Thieves, 15ml, per room. For an 8 room home that would be 12 – 16 bottles. Coverage is approximately 700sf.

Diffuse 1.5 – 2 bottles in each room.

After diffusing in each room as described, you may want to diffuse Young Living’s Thieves essential oil weekly for 8 hours at a time.

Order additional bottles based on your needs.


Order Thieves Bundle today (or just get Thieves Essential oil—your choice!). 

The Thieves Bundle comes with Thieves Household Cleaner.

natural mold remediation


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