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l-Theanine promotes relaxation without drowsiness.

L-Theanine is an amino acid found in tea leaves that helps promote a restful, relaxed state without diminishing daytime alertness. [source]

A 2019 study showed that L-theanine has the potential to promote mental health in the general population with stress-related ailments and cognitive impairments. [source]


During a study of human volunteers, L-theanine promoted the generation of alpha brain waves, an indication of relaxation. Another small, controlled clinical trial suggests that L-theanine supports a healthy stress response.

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Dosage for L-Theanine

Adults, take 1 capsule up to three times daily. For maximum support, take 2 capsules three times daily, or as recommended by your healthcare professional.

Serving Size: 2 Capsules

Amount Per Serving
 … 200 mg (Suntheanine®)


Suntheanine® improves focus, attention, mental clarity and learning performance and improves sleep quality.*

  • Promotes an alert state of relaxation without drowsiness
  • Improve focus without the negative side effects of caffeine
  • Enhance attention and concentration
  • Clinically researched and patented pure form of L-theanine

Suntheanine® is produced via an enzymatic fermentation process that mimics the natural process in green tea leaves resulting in a 100% pure L-isomer-theanine.

Suntheanine® is protected by U.S. and International patents and is backed by more than 40 clinical studies.

What people are saying about Suntheanine/L-theanine

Suntheanine® replaces my 2 p.m. cup of coffee, giving me the power of coffee without the jitters. A calm, focused and alert attention is the type of energy we all desire: energy that makes us more efficient, not frazzled and distracted.” — B. Wylde, Alternative medicine expert

“Stress is a promoter of so many diseases; we want to reduce our stress. L-theanine is a wonderfully relaxing amino acid found in green tea that stimulates the alpha wave activity in the brain associated with a relaxed yet alert mental state. Make sure to buy products formulated with Suntheanine, as it’s the most clinically studied and purest form of theanine available.” – Jonny Bowden

Safe for Kids

“L-theanine is a naturally occurring molecule that is present in the diets of children around the world where tea is consumed and no concerns have ever been raised about its safety. I was in charge of a large double blind study in which 200 mg of Suntheanine was consumed twice per day for six weeks in boys 8 to 12 years old with attention deficit disorder. No side effects were reported in any of these boys and I now view Suntheanine as one of the safest natural products that can be given to a child.” – Michael Lyon, MD