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The worst type of breakfast for metabolic health

Juice + Bagel + Banana = Disaster for your blood sugar levels.

Juice+Bagel+Banana = 112g carbs (divide by 4 to = number of tsp of sugar it turns into in your bloodstream).

Eat these 3 foods and you dump 28 tsp of sugar into your bloodstream.

You only need about 1 tsp of sugar circulating in your body to take care of fueling all of your regular activities.

Why on earth would we want to eat 112g carbs in a day, let alone one meal!

This breakfast is a sugar high

Talk about a sugar high, and a subsequent surge in insulin. Insulin is your F.A.T. storage hormone.

The high carb hit is not serving you well. In two hours you will be foraging for more food in your frig, at work, at the drive-up window.

When you eat high carb, your body works hard to keep the sugar down by releasing insulin.

If you regularly consume sugary drinks, juice, starchy potatoes, chips, crackers, pasta, bread, rice, grains, you are causing too much sugar to be in your blood.

Insulin will try to bring it down, but over time this fails to work (insulin resistance devlops) and you creep into pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

You have complete control over this process that involves first what you choose to eat and drink.

Bread and Sugary Drinks are Addicting

“But I love bread” or “I must have my nightly bowl of chips” or “I cannot live without ice cream” … These are things I said and did back in the day.

I ate myself into a metabolic nightmare, eventually scoring diabetic-level blood sugars simply by eating sushi. Now I keep my fasting insulin low, ideally below 6, and currently my carbs are super low. When I eat carbs they are coming from non-starchy vegetables mostly.

Many doctors don’t do the right tests to pick up insulin resistance or problematic blood sugar levels.

  • What is your fasting insulin? I like to see a fasting insulin below 6, and if you are above 10 it is likely that you are dealing with insulin resistance.
  • What is your hemoglobin A1C? I like mine in the range 4.7 – 5.3.

You can go on and get those labs. It is easy and affordable. Typically after you order the tests you want, you will get a requisition for a blood draw that can be done at Quest Labs. The results are emailed to you.

What to do if your fasting insulin or Hemoglobin A1c is too high?

  • You can change your diet to a low-carb, real food way of eating. Get my book to understand more.
  • Eat low-carb PFV, quality animal protein, plenty of healthy fat and some non-starchy veggies.
  • Stick to eating three meals a day and stop eating after dinner until breakfast.

    You will begin to heal if you are willing to make the changes.