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Video – How to Make a Protein Smoothie – Grain-free, Dairy-free

Making a protein smoothie?

Get the most out of your smoothie, especially if you are using it as a meal replacement shake.

Be sure you aren’t making an “adult milk shake” and are packing it with nutrient dense whole foods and quality protein powder.

Your blender may not handle all the veggies I put in mine, so adjust the recipe but always include  Protein/Fat/Veggies – Berries are a great addition too but don’t go overboard with them.

Use a quality protein powder (grain-free, soy-free, dairy-free, with no added junk chemicals).

Protein Powder

Top choices of mine include Collagen Protein Powder or  Slique Shake.

Great Additions

Need extra support for healthy weight management?

Young Living Slique Tea and Essential OilTry adding Slique Essence essential oil blend to the smoothie. It is flavorful and uplifting with a hint of spearmint that my help with digestion. I love that Slique Essence also contains Ocotea which helps control hunger.

Slique Essence combines grapefruit, tangerine, lemon, spearmint, and ocotea with stevia extract in a unique blend that supports healthy weight management goals.

These ingredients work together to help control hunger, especially when used in conjunction with Slique Tea

Spirulina is a Great Addition to a Smoothie

Here are the health benefits of Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina.

  • Protects the liver and kidneys
  • Improves the immune system
  • Helps your eyes and brain
  • Nutrients to help support a happy brain
  • Supports weight loss efforts
  • Increases friendly flora in the intestines
  • Improves digestion

Liquid Stevia

Instead of adding too much fruit or yogurt to improve the taste of your green protein smoothie, try adding Liquid Stevia Drops. Start with 5 drops and add more as desired.

Below, please view my quick video showing how to make a smoothie that is nutrient dense and packed with healthy benefits. If you like what you see, please share this post and video!