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Beef Stew & Coconut Flour Bread Recipes

Here are two recipes that you will enjoy making and serving this fall. 

Start the stew first then prepare the coconut flour bread while the pot simmers on the stove.

091614 Beef Stew & Coconut Bread

Hearty Grass-fed Beef Stew with Coconut Flour Bread

Grass-fed Beef Stew

In a heavy pot (I love the Le Creuset Dutch Oven), heat coconut oil, add meat. Brown the beef and onion in the oil.

Add the remaining ingredients (I don’t add the beans until the last 30 minutes of cooking time).

Cover and cook on low for 75 minutes or at least until the vegetables are tender. You may simmer for several hours and the meat will be much more tender.

Kelcie’s Coconut Flour Bread


Mix ingredients. Pour into greased bread pan (We used Le Crueset Heritage Stoneware)

Bake at 350 for about 30 – 45 minutes.