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Great-Tasting Stevia – Dessert Recipes


Extracts of Stevia leaves can be prepared by a number of methods some of which are patented. One researcher states: “Production of Stevioside involves water extraction from the dried leaves, followed by clarification and crystalization processes. Most commercial processes consist of water extraction, decoloration, and purification using ion-exchange resins, electrolytic techniques, or precipitating agents.”

My favorite liquid stevia is Sweet Drops aka SteviaClear

  • A water extracted stevia product with no additives.
  • Stevia Clear Liquid Stevia, All Natural and Zero Calories.
  •  SteviaClear™ liquid stevia is a natural, convenient and healthy way to supplement your diet.
  • It contains no calories or carbohydrates and may be used in your tea, coffee, smoothie, protein shake or any recipe.
  • SteviaClear™ liquid stevia has no bitter aftertaste and has a zero glycemic index.


How to use Stevia to replace other sweeteners.

Conversion Chart – Sugar to Stevia
1 cup sugar = 1 teaspoon liquid or powder stevia
1 tablespoon sugar = 1/4 teaspoon powder, 6-9 drops liquid
1 teaspoon sugar = pinch to 1/16 teaspoon powder, 2-4 drops liquid


Stevia Sweetened Treats

Ice Cream, Dairy-free and Sugar Free




Refreshing Beverages




Sugar-Free, Dairy-Free Berry Dessert



Chocolate Ice Cream, Dairy-free and Sugar-free



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