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Natural Progesterone and DHEA Options

Healthy hormones can be the difference between sleeping well, and walking the floors at night – between having hot flashes and mood swings, and feeling “normal.”

It can help women who have hormonal imbalance and the laundry list of complaints that go with that.

Taking hormones by mouth, in pill form, is more risky (stroke), even if bioidentical.

Taking bioidentical hormones topically is a better way to go.

I personally found balance using Progessence, super-micronized progesterone from wild yam is melted in vitamin E and essential oils for optimal absorption.

Studies indicate that limonene from frankincense and bergamot and menthol from peppermint oil can enhance substance penetration through the skin.

Progessence Plus does not require the cycling of application sites.

Ingredients: Copaiba oil, Sacred frankincense oil, Cedarwood oil, Caprylic/capric triglyceride, Tocopherol, Bergamot oil (Furocoumarin-free), Peppermint oil, USP-grade progesterone (from wild yam extract), Clove bud oil.

DHEA and Pregnenolone

Secondly, think about supporting DHEA and Pregnenolone levels.

These are building block hormones – that lets the body decide how to use it.

Two Options:

PD-8020-Capsules2PD 80/20 Capsules, #3263

PD 80/20™ is a dietary supplement formulated to help maximize internal health and support the endocrine system.*

It contains pregnenolone and DHEA, two substances produced naturally by the body that decline with age. Pregnenolone is the key precursor for the body’s production of estrogen, DHEA, and progesterone, and it also has an impact on mental acuity and memory.*

DHEA is involved in maintaining the health of the cardiovascular and immune systems.*

3732Prenolone + Cream, #3732

Prenolone® Plus Body Cream is a natural moisturizer containing Ylang Ylang, Roman Chamomile and Clary Sage essential oils. Contains MSM, Pregnenolone, Shea Butter, St. John’s wort and many more beneficial ingredients.


Start with Progessence for a few weeks.

Try 2-4 drops over your throat at bedtime.

Then add either PD 80/20 or Prenolone + to0.

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Hormonal balance is a beautiful thing!

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