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Quick List – What to Take When Sick

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  • ZINC: LDA Trace Mineral Complex has 30 mg zinc. Sickness: 2-3 times a day. Take zinc with quercetin. This combo gets the zinc into the cells. Together they can stop viral replication. MUST start ASAP at the first sign of sickness. 
  • Quercetin: 500mg dose. Sickness: 2-3 times a day.
  • Buffered Powdered Vitamin C: You may need 10,000 mg when sick, or more, that is why you need to take it as Buffered Vitamin C powder, so you don’t get diarrhea before you get enough C in you. Take in divided doses. Begin  with 1500 daily. Work up slowly to 3000 then 5000. When you are sick your body requires much more, so take to bowel tolerance in divided doses. When sick, take a quart jar of water, add 3 tsp (about 9000mg), drink a bit every 30 minutes, and finish within 8 hours. 
  • NAC: 500 – 600mg dose. NAC is a glutathione precursor, it is an antioxidant, and has anti-inflammatory benefits. NAC helps with bronchitis, and acute respiratory distress syndrome. It is a powerful preventive/therapeutic agent.  
  • D3 + K2: 10 capsules (100,000IU) for 3 days, then go back to 5,000 IU per day. You can take half the dose in the morning and half at midday. 
  • Ultimate Enzymes/VeganZyme: 2 capsules, 1-2 times a day, several hours away from food. Supports healing and lung function by helping reduce pain, inflammation, infection, swelling, and coughing.
  • Colloidal Silver: BioActive Sovereign Silver. Follow directions on bottle.
  • Colloidal Silver: 10 ppm Nasal Spray. Vertical Spray of silver, 2 squirts up each nostril when sick, several times a day.

Need an Combo Supplement?

  • OrthoMune: Combines Zinc, Quercetin, NAC. Take six capsules in divided doses. 600mg Vitamin C, 2500IU Vitamin D, 25mg zinc, NAC 600mg, Quercetin 250mg
  • Black Elderberry Syrup: Follow directions on bottle. Or, make your own:

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