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Freeze Dried Food

How to Make Freeze Dried Bananas

Freeze drying bananas is so easy. Just slice them and place them on trays close together and freeze dry as normal. Try sprinkling cinnamon on them for a new twist.

Put them in Mylar bags or jars with an oxygen absorber for long-term storage. Or, they will keep in an airtight container on your shelf for a  couple months even without an oxygen absorber. Your kids or grandkids will love to snack on these just and they will be a great substitute for high sugar candy or other processed snacks.

Oh, and Freeze Dried bananas taste better than “banana chips” that you probably have tried from the store.

How Thick Can You Slice Bananas for the Freeze Drier?

  • You can slice them as thick as the tray is tall and you’d be fine.
  • You can also cut the bananas in half lengthwise too.
  • Or try cutting on a diagonal.
  • Freeze drying bananas is simple.

How Many Pounds of Bananas Per Freeze Dryer Load?

About 6 pounds of sliced bananas spread over 4 trays usually fits well. Some say, a maximum of 2.5 pounds per tray, so … weigh your food with a food scale.

This is one of the times when you might want to use the silicone mats from HR. When done, just pick up the whole mat with banana on it and peel the slices off.

Ripe or Unripe?

Yellow bananas are going to work better than brown bananas due to the sugar content. If the bananas are ripe, a little foam can appear while freeze drying. This is actually the sugar from the ripe banana.


It works either way. Sometimes I have no space in my home freezer to pre-freeze but you can use your Freeze Dryer for this purpose, temporarily. Turn on the Freeze Dryer and get it freezing. As you slice bananas and get them on the tray, move them to the chilled shelf in the freeze dryer.
I always choose “not frozen” for every batch, even if pre-frozen.


Freeze-dried bananas are delicious by themselves, but can also be added to recipes for your favorite muffin, yogurt or ice cream. Add bananas to a smoothie or turn them into a powder to naturally flavor your dessert recipes.

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