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How to Freeze Dry Beef Sirloin

Considered one of the high-end cuts of beef, Top Sirloin is lean, tender, and full of flavor.
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Easy Way to Freeze Dry Grass-Fed Beef Sirloin.

I found this Sous Vide Grass-fed beef sirloin from Cuisine Solutions.

What Is Sous Vide?

From Cuisine Solutions: Sous vide—French for “under-vacuum”—is an innovative cooking technique in which food is vacuum sealed and slow-cooked in water at constant low temperatures until it’s perfectly cooked through. No other cooking method produces such consistently excellent textures and flavors, or maintains the natural integrity of foods so well.

This beef sirloin is prepared and read to eat. We had it for dinner a few times, just separate into individual slices and heat on the stovetop. Warms through in a minute! I found this beef at Costco but you can also find Cuisine Solutions at:

  • Balducci’s
  • Wegmans
  • Kroger
  • Kings Supermarket
  • Giant Food
  • Safeway

When cooked sous vide, beef retains more moisture for more flavor in every slice. This premium beef is simply seasoned with salt and pepper, then sliced and slow-cooked for sirloin you can enjoy any number of ways, cold or reheated.

How to Freeze Dry Beef Sirloin Slices

What could be easier that using prepared grass-fed beef? All I had to do was separate the slices and lay them out on the freeze drying trays.

Beef before freeze drying

  • Separate slices and lay out on freeze drying trays.
  • Cover and pre-freeze overnight.
  • Start the freeze dryer (select “not frozen”) and bring the temperature down for about an hour.
  • Turn off the freeze dryer in order to insert the trays of frozen beef.
  • Start the freeze dryer again, choosing the “not frozen” option.
  • About 12 to 14 hours later, the process is complete and the beef is packaged in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers.
Prepare the trays by laying beef slices closely together. Freeze overnight.

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