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How to Make Beet Powder and How to Freeze Dry Beets

Beet Shots, Juices, Powders and Supplements

When purchasing beet products, consider the country of origin and the extent of processing. Many “budget beets” are grown in Asia and then processed somewhere else into beet shots, beet juice and beet powders. Choose products using organic beets with minimal processing. Canned beets and boiled beets will be deficient in desired nutrients.

For beet shots and juices, the price tag increases with packaging, processing and beet quality. You may pay $3.00 to $4.00 per serving for these products.

As with any supplement, consider the “other ingredients” added to the beetroot. Guar gum, citric acid, natural flavor, silica, maltodextrin, rice powder, magnesium stearate, and cheap juices for filler and flavor are often added.

Beet Powder

Hate Beets? Try Beet Powder!

A good alternative is a high quality beet powder prepared from organic beets. These powders can be mixed into water or smoothies and some come in capsules.

Make Your Own Beet Powder

home freeze dryer will give you the ability to make your own beetroot powder and you control the quality of the beets. I have been using this method to prepare beet powder and have been adding the beet powder to daily smoothies.

  • Peel and slice beets.
  • Place on the freeze drying tray.
  • Pre-freeze in your home freezer before freeze drying for better results.
  • Freeze Dry using the “not frozen” option. When completely freeze dried, powder in a Vitamix or other blender that grinds to a fine powder.

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