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Freeze Dried Food

How to Make Freeze Dried Apples

Freeze dried apples make a delicious, healthy snack. If you have a home freeze dryer, this is the best method of food preservation. Canning and dehydrating can destroy over half of the apple’s nutrients, while freeze drying maintains the flavor, color, and 97% of nutrients.

Freeze dried apples are versatile and if stored properly they will last 25 years, making them a great addition to your long term food storage stash.

Better Than Dehydrating

Heat can affect taste, color and texture causing your apples to look and taste very different. Freeze dried food looks and tastes just like the food did when fresh. Freeze dried apples will also save you money in the long run.

Where to buy a Home Freeze Dryer.

A home freeze dryer allows you to preserve the food your family loves to eat. Freeze drying locks in both flavor and nutrition and can last for years, making freeze-dried food even better than fresh! A home freeze dryer is perfect for any lifestyle.

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Favorite ways to use freeze-dried apples:

  • Eat them as a crunchy, healthy snack
  • Add freeze-dried fruit to smoothies and yogurt
  • Use them when baking pies and muffins
  • Freeze dried apples can be powdered. Use your imagination and use freeze dried apple powder to add extra flavoring to some of your favorite recipes.

You can choose to slice, dice or make rings with your apples.

Sliced for snacks – on their own freeze dried apples pack all the nutritional punch of fresh apples. Kids love them in their lunchbox and you will enjoy them as well.

To Peel or Not to Peel

There is no need to peel the apple. Just slice it thin with an apple slicer and put the slices on a try. If you prefer to remove the peel, core, and slice with a spiralizer for rings.

Will Apple Slices Turn Brown?

You can try to work quickly, getting untreated apples on the trays and in the freeze dryer before they turn brown.

Otherwise give the sliced apples a quick dip in a bowl with lemon water or give them a quick spritz of lemon juice — use small glass spray bottles like this.


Sprinkle fresh apple slices with cinnamon before putting them in the freeze dryer.

Make Sure the Apples are Fully Freeze Dried

When the batch of apples is finished in the freeze dryer, always test each tray for completion. You should not feel any cold spots when touching the apples. When in doubt it never hurts to add a little extra dry time.

Packaging apples that have a little moisture in them will ruin the whole batch of freeze dried apples.

Packaging Freeze Dried Apples

After freeze drying the apples, you need to work fast to get them in a Mylar bag or jar with an oxygen absorber. Aim to have the food packaged within 5 minutes.

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